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To start the year, we will continue to talk about WATERPROOFING.

Cementitious systems are polymer-modified systems for the waterproofing of many types of surfaces - for example in drinking water tanks, civil works, etc. They can be applied manually (by roller or trowel) or by spraying. They are divided into:

    • Rigid systems, not suitable for surfaces at risk of cracking
    • Flexible systems.

We also find monocomponent and bicomponent systems. As with liquid systems, we must not forget the importance of a good pretreatment of the substrate.

Drinking water tank at Frag

CHARACTERISTICS of cementitious waterproofing systems:

    • No working joints, elastic and high crack bridging capacity
    • Sometimes it is necessary to apply a bonding bridge on the substrate.
    • Highly compatible with mortar and concrete elements.
    • Some of these cementitious systems operate with negative hydrostatic pressure, i.e., the membrane is applied on the opposite side of the element that is in contact with the water.

Fraga Tunnel

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