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Although an epoxy resin flooring and a polyurethane flooring may seem similar and both have high technical performance, their performance is different. Here are some of their differences:


    • #polyurethane can be bicomponent or monocomponent;
    • has greater impact absorption capacity and flexibility than epoxy resin;
    • Being more flexible, a polyurethane flooring tolerates extreme temperatures (between -30 and +120 °C), thus protecting the floor from cracking or breaking;
    • has greater abrasion resistance (although it is not its strong suit) and to solvents and chemical attack;
    • is more resistant to humidity.
    • does not stain or deteriorate easily and is easy to maintain and durable;
    • withstands well the influence of the UV rays and the temperature changesThe aesthetics of its finish remains unchanged, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors;
    • Its finish can be matte, satin or glossy, although the range of colors is smaller.

We attach some photos of the polyurethane pavement executed in the dining room of a hotel in Tarragona.


    • the #resinaepoxy will always be a bicomponent product;
    • has higher levels of adhesion on any surface and reaches deeper;
    • is not recommended for outdoors as it is sensitive to environmental agents - UV radiation and temperature variations;
    • can tolerate temperatures between -10 and +50 °C;
    • epoxy flooring is more workable than polyurethane.
    • is resistant to chemical attack and abrasives;
    • is easy to maintain and durable;
    • its finish is glossy and a wider range of colors can be used.

We attach a photo of a multilayer epoxy resin pavement in an agri-food industry in Fraga.

IMPORTANT! But you can take advantage of the benefits of both products by using them in combination. With their combination we obtain anti-static floors, resistant to stains, chemicals, impacts and abrasion...

From RVF we will advise you when choosing the flooring that meets the requirements of your company and that best suits your needs. You can contact us by calling us at 974 472 819 or you can send an email to

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