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Facade of the Fraga Delegate Office

The 1TP5Maintenance of the facade is a priority when it comes to extending the useful life of a building. Carrying out conservation work and 1TP5Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid greater damage in the long term.

The facade, together with the roof, as part of the building envelope, are the parts most exposed to external agents. Environmental agents, atmospheric contamination and dirt, among others, favor progressive deterioration of the facades. This deterioration, with the passage of time, can lead to more important processes such as the appearance of cracks or detachments, the presence of humidity, loss of thermal insulation, etc.

In general, the work of 1TP5Maintenance The façade conservation work can be grouped into three main blocks:

  • Cleaning
  • Review
  • Renewal

Given the importance of the 1TP5Maintenance of the facades we attach below a summary sheet of the MAINTENANCE PLAN recommended for facades in the CTE (Technical Building Code) in which a series of preventive actions are proposed with indicative deadlines:

CTE Chap.6 - DB HS-1

*NOTE: the time frame may vary depending on the degree of exposure of the facade.

In RVF we have experts to analyze the state of your facade, propose the best solutions and execute them.

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