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Facade rehabilitation / SATE

Environmental conditions and pollution, together with the passage of time and human aggressions deteriorate buildings and their facades. This deterioration can affect habitability conditions and generate risks.
Perform maintenance actions on the facades:

      • Ensures durability and limits deterioration by external agents
      • Prolongs watertightness and air permeability properties 
      • Guarantees the aesthetics of the building.
      • Avoid unnecessary risks and costs
      • Can contribute to greater energy efficiency

Facade treatments: 

      • Restoration of facades and courtyards.
      • Cleaning treatments.
      • Facade painting - Mineral and silicate paints.
      • Insulating and waterproof paint for facades.
      • Application of acrylic mortars and single-coat mortars.
      • Waterproofing of facades and application of mineral glazes.
      • Rainwater partitions in party walls.
      • Application of the exterior thermal insulation system: SATE.

Nowadays, the aim is for buildings to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The SATE is a technical solution that contributes significantly to improving the energy efficiency of buildings, while offering very good aesthetic and comfort solutions. The main advantages of the system are: 

      • Thermal comfort by reducing thermal oscillations 
      • Reduced heating and cooling costs by reducing thermal transmission through exterior walls. 
      • Healthy indoor atmosphere by eliminating thermal bridges and possible condensation, both superficial and interstitial, since the insulation is located on the exterior face of the wall. 
      • Environmental by optimizing energy consumption

From RVF we will advise you on the best solution for your facade, the one that best suits your needs. You can contact us by calling us at 974 472 819 or you can send an email to

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