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decorative continuous paving

Today we would like to talk to you about the Sika Comfortfloor Marble FX, a colored polyurethane matte coating system, which allows the creation of decorative flooring of great comfort.

Last April, we executed a pavement with this self-leveling system based on polyurethane with marble effect for Constructora del Cardoner in Barcelona. It was an office of more than 150 m2 , for which, in addition to a decorative pavement, additional acoustic performance was required to help dampen the impact noise.

Main advantages of this system:

    • Aesthetics and customization: diversity of colors and finishes with decorative effects
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
    • Durability due to good mechanical and abrasion resistance
    • Smooth and matte finish, without joints.
    • Low VOC emissions
    • Comfort, as it is a comfortable and soft pavement.
    • Superior acousticsr: high acoustic absorption and good impact noise insulation

Process followed for its execution and materials used:

1. Preparation of the substrate to guarantee the adherence of the system. In this case we proceeded to:

    • Mechanical milling-dianovation with closed suction circuit.
    • Application of the primer coat adapted to the substrate. SIKADUR-32 EF was applied on ceramic substrates and SIKA LEVEL-01 Primer on cementitious substrates.
    • Pouring of cementitious self-leveling mortar SIKA LEVEL-16 up to 15mm.

2. Application of the system itself:

    • Laying of the rubber sheets - SIKAFLOOR COMFORT REGUPOL 6015 H - glued with SIKAFLOOR COMFORT ADHESIVE polyurethane adhesive.
    • Sealing of the pores of rubber sheets - SIKAFLOOR COMFORT POREFILLER
    • Application of elastic polyurethane self-leveling base coat - SIKAFLOOR-3000 FX Medium Grey - thickness between 2.5-3.0 mm.
    • Execution of borders with two-component, matt and colored polyurethane sealant - SIKAFLOOR-305 W.
    • Application of two-component transparent polyurethane matte top coat - SIKAFLOOR-304 W.

Typical sectors in which this type of pavement is used:

Health sector, Education, Leisure and culture, Public buildings and stores, Residential, Offices, hotels and restaurants, Museums,...

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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