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Painting (industrial and decorative)

The industrial painting is used for the protection, maintenance and painting of industrial installations.. Its main objective is to protect against the aggression of external factors, both physical and chemical, temperature... as well as those inherent to the passage of time. 

      • Corrosion resistance against chemical products and exposure to aggressive environments.
      • Resistance to shocks and physical impacts.
      • Resistance to extreme environments - high temperatures, marine environments...
      • Fire resistance

In addition, like all paints, it fulfills an aesthetic function and there is a wide range of materials, composition, colors and finishes. Depending on the composition of the paint, they are classified as follows:

      • Zinc-rich coatings
      • Acrylic Paints
      • Alkyd Paints
      • Vinyl paints
      • Synthetic paints
      • Epoxy Coatings
      • Polyurethane Coatings
      • Polyaspartic coatings
      • Polyurethane coatings
      • Intumescent and flame retardant treatments
      • Thermoplastic resin coatings (AISLANTUM)

The decorative painting is used to improve and beautify the interior of buildings, as well as to protect the supports. It can cover a wide range of wide range of styles, designs and textures. 

      • Plastic paints: acrylic and vinyl
      • Mineral paints
      • Enamels: synthetic and acrylics
      • Primers
      • Varnishes

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