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Continuous pavements

Continuous pavements have a series of advantages over conventional pavements, since they are executed in situ, they adapt to the surfaces to be covered, without using more joints than the construction joints. Their main features are: 

        • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
        • High mechanical and wear resistance: impact, abrasion, high temperatures and even aggressive chemicals.
        • Durability
        • Its versatility
        • Non-slip finishes

There are decorative and industrialThere are many types based on the needs of the activity to be carried out on them. 

        • Epoxy resin pavement - paint, multilayer, self-leveling
        • Polyurethane resin pavement -- paint, multilayer, self-leveling, comfort
        • Methacrylate resin flooring
        • Polyaspartic resins, polyurea, vinylester
        • Liquid porcelain tile
        • Conductive pavement
        • Epoxy-cement pavement  
        • Polyurethane-cement pavements
        • Microcements
        • Lithium silicate treatment of concrete
      3. OTHER
        • Treatment of joints and cracks in industrial floors
        • Signaling of industrial pavements

From RVF we will advise you when determining the requirements of your company and apply the pavement that best suits your needs. You can contact us by calling us at 974 472 819 or you can send an email to

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