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polyurethane flooring

Today we will talk about polyurethane flooring, a continuous, efficient and decorative flooring whose main features are:

    • its elasticity;
    • durability and abrasion resistance;
    • its bacteriostatic properties and easy cleaning;
    • its resistance to heat and some chemical agents;
    • can be applied at low temperatures;
    • can be used outdoors and indoors,
    • matte, satin or glossy finish.

These floors are used in the industrial sector - chemical and pharmaceutical, automobile, etc. - and warehouses in the food sector, but also as decorative flooring in offices, commercial premises and hotels and restaurants.

There are several options:

Like painting systemis used for the protection of floors with light to medium physical-chemical stresses (parking lots, warehouses, low impact production areas, hotels, offices, etc.), both indoors and outdoors. It consists of a final resin coating of low thickness (less than 500 microns), normally applied by roller. This system has been used in the OHLA Eixample Hotel in Barcelona.

Like multilayer systemPU resin and sand coating: consists in the application of a succession of PU resin and sand coating layers. The final thickness of the intermediate layers is between 1 and 4 mm, depending on the needs of the end customer, since the thicker the layer, the better the performance. The use of this system provides a pavement highly resistant to abrasion and chemical products.

Like self-leveling system resin: fluid resin mortar with fine silica aggregate is applied with a notched trowel and after a de-aeration process by means of a spiked roller, a smooth and flat surface is generated. It is applied in thicknesses of 1-2 mm. Its main characteristic is that it fills all the imperfections of the substrate and forms a perfectly smooth and level surface. This system has been used in the dining room of a Hotel in Tarragona.

Like comfort system: This system consists of a combination of rubber sheets and flexible resins, which, once finished, generates continuous, flexible, easy to clean surfaces with high impact absorption capacity. This property generates a sensation of comfort. It is an ideal flooring for gyms, kindergartens, offices, etc. and places where impact noise is to be minimized. This system has been used in offices in Barcelona's Diagonal.

The cleaning of these pavements is done with pressurized water, sweeping, frequent use of wet mop and neutral cleaning products should be used.

At RVF we help you choose the type of flooring that best suits your facilities and your needs, call us at 974 472 819!

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