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The importance of the previous preparation of the substrates before applying a paint.

We would like to remind you today of the importance of preparing the surfaces - walls and ceilings - before applying any paint, as is the case with any other type of continuous coating.

Depending on the condition and type of substrate, the following preliminary actions should be considered:


Walls often have imperfections, such as cracks, fissures or bumps and holes due to the usual use of the walls, so it will be necessary to apply mastics to eliminate these imperfections. This is left to dry and sanded until the wall is homogeneous.

In case the wall has chipped areas, the surface should be scraped with the spatula, so that the result is homogeneous.

Filling and sanding of imperfections on PLADUR substrates

It is also important to fill the joints with other wall or ceiling elements - baseboards, cornices, decorative elements... - with putty.


When the putty is completely dry, it is advisable to proceed to the sanding of the wall to obtain a uniform surface and subsequently an optimal result during the application of the paint. Subsequently, the surface must be vacuumed and the dust must be removed.


Lastly, it is sometimes advisable to apply a primer on the walls to fix the surface to achieve better adhesion to the wall, for example:

  • on new, very porous walls,
  • on old walls to consolidate,
  • for color change to neutralize the base color...

 If there are stains on the wall - old humidities, tobacco, oil, food ... - it is advisable to apply a coat of stain-resistant paint to seal and prevent them from coming back to the surface.

Synoptic sheet, elaborated by ANSPI and ASEFAPI that tries to indicate the general treatment that a surface must receive before being painted;

Finally, paints must be applied in accordance with the recommendations for use of the product by the manufacturer (Technical Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, etc.), without forgetting the requirements of the end user, but... Prepare the support before painting is the best guarantee of obtaining the expected result.

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