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Today we will talk about the most common methods for repairing concrete structures.

Concrete structures have their natural deterioration due to the passage of time and their exposure to external agents. Although the most appropriate repair strategy should be defined for each specific case after a specialized inspection, the most common actions to be carried out are the following:

Structural restoration: eliminating all loose or poorly adhered parts, with pickaxe or hammers.

Cleaning of the support: removing loose particles, dust and dirt present on the substrate. It is usually done by abrasive or water blasting, which leaves the surface with an open pore to favor the anchorage of the repair products.

Photos of repairs in the Fraga Tunnel.

Passivation and adhesion bridge: applying an epoxy primer or grout (cement or epoxy-cement) on the exposed steel, previously cleaned. This process has a double objective: to passivate the reinforcement and to promote adhesion with the following layers. It can be applied manually or by spraying.

RegenerationMortars: placing mortars in those areas where the concrete has been rehabilitated or lost. Mortars based on cement and aggregates improved with resins and fibers and mortars based on epoxy resin are usually used. Its application is usually manual, with trowels and trowels, although for large surfaces cementitious mortars can be applied projected.

- Type R1 and R2 are used for non-structural repairs.

- Type R3 and R4 are used for structural repairs.

The selection of the materials will be made according to the EN-1504 and its application shall be carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Photos of repairs in ETAP of L'Ampolla


RVF collaborates with specialized engineers who diagnose the existing pathologies, recommend a detailed repair and reinforcement procedure, and works with high performance products from the main manufacturers in the sector (#sika, #weber, ...) of which we are approved applicators.

Photo repairs ETAP se Seva

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