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epoxy resin pavement in parking lot

The passage of time, together with the intensive use of pavements and the substances released by cars, favors the normal deterioration of car floors. parking lots and garagespresented potholes, cracks, irregularities, dirt and dust...

The preservation and maintenance of this type of pavement will guarantee its use in good conditions and will avoid more costly repair works, generating value in the long term.

Although there are no unique solutions and it is advisable to study each case individually, for the rehabilitation of parking and garage floors we propose a solution of continuous pavements, very resistant and perfect for places exposed to a continuous traffic of vehicles:

Epoxy resin coating. It is a highly wear-resistant, non-slip coating that allows the choice of different colors and textures. Its finish is waterproof, preventing stains from seeping through, and it is easy to clean and maintain.

The coating can be applied as a painting system - low thickness final coating (< 500 microns) - for the protection of floors with light to medium physical-chemical stresses (parking lots, warehouses, low impact production areas, etc.). This system consists of a first coat of primer, to which an aggregate can be added to achieve an anti-slip finish, and one or two subsequent finishing coats.

It can also be applied as a multilayer system with thicknesses of 1-2 mm. A flowable resin mortar with fine silica aggregate is used in several layers, which further improves abrasion and wear resistance. slipperiness. Its final finish gives this system good hygienic properties due to its ease of cleaning, physical and chemical resistance and an aesthetically attractive appearance.

The key factors in the success of these systems are the right substrate preparation as well as the percentage of solids present in the product to be applied.

The substrate must also meet minimum conditions: it must be firm and cohesive, with tensile and compressive strengths of at least 1.5 N/mm² and 25 N/mm2 for P4 soils (medium-high traffic), 1 N/mm² and 20 N/mm2 for P3 soils (light traffic) and the moisture content of the concrete must be less than 4%.

At RVF We specialize in the preparation of substrates and industrial flooring. If you need more information please contact us by calling us at 974 472 819 or writing to us at

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