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Structural repairs and reinforcements

Depending on the type of structure and its state of conservation we can find different pathological processes and possible solutions. Depending on whether we are dealing with concrete, iron, stone or wood elements, we will resort to the most appropriate products and technologies in each case.

RVF has proven experience in the field of repair and structural reinforcement, collaborating with specialized engineering companies that diagnose the existing pathologies, recommend a detailed procedure of repair and reinforcement, acting in:

      • Protection of structures from mechanical, chemical and physical aggressions
      • The repair of structures, reestablishing the original levels of strength and structural safety.
      • Structural reinforcement to increase strength capacity

RVF works with high performance products of the main manufacturers of the sector (sika, weber, basf ...) of civil works and building, of which we are approved or approved applicators with whom we are continuously trained.

Here is a list of some of the work that RVF regularly performs:

      • Passivated metallic elements
      • Joint bridges
      • Adhesion promoters
      • Carbon fiber reinforcements
      • Structural mortars
      • Cosmetic mortars
      • Lime mortars
      • Anti-carbonation systems
      • Finishing coatings
      • Treatment of cracks and fissures
      • Joint treatment
      • Consolidating and Waterproofing Treatments
      • Treatment of wood structures against wood decay

 You can contact us by calling us at 974 472 819 or you can send an email to

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