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Continuous liquid waterproofing

Waterproofing is responsible for preventing the entry of water into the interior of our buildings and thus ensuring healthiness and comfort. 

Continuous liquid waterproofing systems provide an elastic coating capable of withstanding the expansion and contraction movements of the substrate. They are applied without joints or welds and are highly adaptable to complex geometries. There are different types of systems depending on the needs and preconditions of the element to be waterproofed.

      • Acrylic membranes 
      • Polyurethane membranes
      • Hybrid Membranes 
      • Hot and cold polyureas
      • Cementitious membranes under pressure and back pressure

Here is a list of some of the work that RVF regularly performs:

  • Liquid membranes for roofing.
  • Channel treatment
  • Cementitious mortars under pressure and back pressure
    Injection of hydroexpansive resins
    Leaks in elevator shafts, garages, etc.
  • Waterproofing of bridge decks
  • Expansion joints, "Hypalon" joints
  • Deposits
  • Liquid pool membranes

For more information about liquid waterproofing, you can contact us by calling us at 974 472 819 or you can send an email to

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