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liquid waterproofing systems

To end the year, we would like to give you a glimpse of the continuous waterproofing systems.

As we mentioned in a previous post, the main waterproofing systems can be grouped into the following categories:

    • Bituminous systems
    • Synthetic film systems
    • Liquid (flexible) systems
    • Cementitious systems

Today we will talk about third parties. Its main advantage is that of not having working joints and its great adaptability to geometries. However, the following aspects must be taken into account: the importance of the preparation of the substrate as they are adhered systems and are not solutions for water under counterpressure.

The main SYSTEMS are:

Acrylic membranes: They are suitable for application on roofs with slopes greater than 0, since they emulsify in permanent contact with water and it is advisable to reinforce them with fiberglass mesh. Their thickness is reduced, so they are not valid for bridging cracks and have a lower durability.

Hybrid membranes: These are continuous systems with high elasticity. They can be applied manually or by hot spraying. Sometimes they require specific primers for their compatibility with the substrate.

Polyurethane membranes: is a continuous waterproofing system without joints, highly elastic and very resistant to breakage. They also resist permanent contact with water and have high bridging capacity over cracks and crevices. Monocomponent membranes are usually reinforced with fiberglass mesh.

Photos of roofing in Fraga

Polyureas: it is a continuous waterproofing of the latest technology. It can be applied cold - manually applied with a rubber trowel - and hot - both components are heated and when they reach the appropriate temperature and pressure, they are projected and react when they come into contact. The reaction generates a highly impermeable coating, which adheres to the substrate with great elasticity and flexibility. This type of polyurea is usually aromatic, so they are affected by UV rays.

REMINDER: We would like to remind that preventive maintenance of roofs and their waterproofing helps to avoid pathological processes and minimize corrective maintenance actions.

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