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Acting on the thermal envelope of a building is one of the most efficient measures to avoid energy losses and reduce energy consumption.

The SATE is an acronym for external thermal insulation system. It is a system consisting of prefabricated insulating panels, adhered and/or fixed to the exterior face of the buildings, protected by a multi-layered cladding. This system is used to improve comfort and energy efficiency in both new and existing buildings.

The main advantages of the system are:

    • Thermal comfort by reducing thermal oscillations
    • Cost reduction heating and cooling by reducing thermal transmission through exterior walls.
    • Healthy indoor atmosphere by eliminating thermal bridges and possible surface and interstitial condensation, since the insulation is located on the exterior face of the wall.
    • Environmental by optimizing energy consumption

For the application of the system the process to be followed is as follows:

Support preparation

    1. Installation of the starting profiles
    2. Application of mineral adhesive mortar
    3. Installation of prefabricated insulating panels. Different types of insulating materials can be used: EPS, XPS, rock wool, glass wool, cork, ... Depending on the planned solution, mechanical fasteners will be used to fix the panels to the substrate.
    4. Application of the first layer of mortar on the insulating boards - base layer - approximately 1 to 2 mm thick.
    5. Placement of fiberglass mesh - its fabric must be pressed into the first layer of fresh mortar.
    6. Application of second layer of mortar that will completely cover the mesh. The approximate thickness of the 2 layers will be 4mm. Application of finishing plaster - it can be a cement-based mineral plaster or an organic-based plaster (siloxane, acrylic...) - or a ready-to-use plaster fixed to the wall.

I attach some images of some works of rehabilitation of facades with SATE system that we executed a few years ago in Fraga. #RragaFraga


Other advantages to consider:

    • Economic revaluation of the property
    • Insulated dwellings without reducing interior living space (under renovation)
    • The installation of a SATE minimizes the inconvenience to users inside their homes.

IMPORTANT: this is a integral façade system in which all the components of an HVAC system must be designed and tested together for the intended use of the system.

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